1st edition for players old and new!

This video series presents the forgotten beauty and simplicity of the 1st Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which back then was called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It's 40 years since the Player's Handbook hit my hobby shop's shelf, so as a fun side venture, here's a new video series. It covers everything from the essential books, the ability scores, subtle rules you do and don’t need, classes, spells, combat, and much more. This series is a work in progress with many more episodes to come, so be sure to like and subscribe.

The Essentials

Books (or PDFs) from the Dungeon Master's Guild.

Player's Handbook

Dungeon Master's Guide

Monster Manual

Fiend Folio

Monster Manual 2

Forgotten Realms

World of Greyhawk

Dungeon Master's Guild Link, filtered for 1st Edition

The books (or PDFs) from the Dungeon Master's Guild. The ability scores explained with notes about what core rules to keep and what you don't need.

Topics: Races. Classes: The Fighter, Paladin, and Ranger

The Cleric

The Druid

The Fighter

The Paladin

The Ranger

Video Requested by viewer ReeseG! My house rules on Time, Initiative, Movement, Grouping, Combat Tables and such.

The Monk

Thief and the Assassin along with my house rules on stealth, hiding in shadows, lightning, surprise, and backstab,

Spells in combat. Casting time when we compress melee rounds. V,S,M. Saving throws, memorization

You got some books, you got some friends. You're about to run your first adventure! NOW WHAT?

You want to play D&D but only have 1 friend around? Here's a fun way to get creative and start playing! We chat about converting existing modules, talk about balance, adjustment of HD, AC, enemies, while finding the right blend of player and class goals too.