Iron Will Rust Sequel - Book II Planning

Time to start plotting and planning the follow-up to Iron Will Rust! if you missed Book I, get yours today at Amazon.

Here's a snippet from Iron Will Rust where Vico faces off against Alessandro and first hears about the location for Book II.

From the Chapter "Cornered."

Alessandro slapped the boy’s attacks away, twirled them, and scraped them free and clear. Moves that would disarm most men. He could tell the boy was good, for he altered the sword angle the moment he felt the resistance of the parries.

“Tell me where or I’ll kill you.” Vico lunged and turned the tip up at Alessandro’s face at the last second, but the main gauche caught it inches from its target.”

“Nice touch on that one. Quite a touch. Daddy teach you that? You like last minute tricks don’t you? Dishonest if you ask me.”

“Tell me where or I’ll cut you.”

“I doubt it. You haven’t cut much of anything by my scorebook.”

“Where is Mercede? Damn you.”

“God, you’re persistent. Brotherly love and such.”

“Where!” Vico slashed his sword and Alessandro allowed it to come close to striking him before he locked it casually and pushed the angry attack back harmlessly.

“I sent her away. She’s off to school.”

“Away where? Venice? What?”

“Venice? Don’t insult me boy. Venice, right. The only thing she’d learn in Venice is how to lie. Thysdrus. It was once the grandest Roman city in Afrika and even has a coliseum.”

Vico wrinkled his face, confused.

Used to be a gladiator school for slaves back in the Roman times. Not today, though, it’s much better than that. It’s a respectable institution. The best school in the land if you ask me, especially for a comely girl like your sister.”

“She’s a slave in Afrika? Where is this place?”

“I just told you, idiot. Thysdrus. Not much homeschooling working on a farm as a pretend fencer’s daughter now is there? The locals call it El Djem. My dear friend Khalid has her in training there in the Hafsid Kingdom. I’m sure one day she will surprise us all!”

“How long ago?”

“I’ve told you enough. Be sure and tell your father. I bet he’s dying to know. I bet he will worry what all those dark skinned men will do to her when they get their hands on her.” Alessandro laughed and feigned lowering his guard.

Vico launched another series of overly advertised slashes at Alessandro’s face. The proper parry would be too easy, and that was exactly what he wanted.