Thank you, UK reader.

As a writer, you weave tales because quite simply, it's a hell of a lot of fun. You think you have complete control over every detail, yet at the same time, those details, and especially the characters, seem to breathe and take over. Then you realize that this is magic and you're a passenger, or engineer in the steamboat belly. You start to feel like a medium speaking with the dead, except those characters are alive and well. Over the years of working on Iron Will Rust, I wanted the writing to be my best first attempt, which is why it probably took so long. In between the eleven years of on-again and off-again, I worked on eleven different games too! I still see a few mistakes, but damn it felt good to get it where it was with no professional help from anyone.

Once the book was done in February of 2015, it must have been a year-and-a-half of Sharon and I reading printed proofs, marking up the pages, and then making corrections and improvements, slashing across the completed ones with a highlighter. it's gratifying to turn a book from 60% red to 60% yellow the first time, the second time from 20% red to 20% yellow, and finally 0% red to 0% yellow.

So it was a joy to ask some of my industry friends, Facebook friends, and family to read my novel and post an review. One of my friends actually did both. And although there is probably a touch of solidarity and reciprocity hidden in there between gentlemen. But hey, I'll take it.

Thanks dude for the review on Read it here.