About the Classic_DM Show


1978? It's now 40 years later. What do you say we revisit the classic 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons modules? I'm talking G1, G2, G3, D1, D2, D3, Q1 - everything! At my table you'll find, homemade tokens, a visceral and compelling revamp of the original story, and plenty of hack and slash, all on a stage of freehand architectural maps with snappy visual aids, plus a touch of atmosphere. The classic modules, dungeons, and monsters from our childhood memories live on forever here.

All shows are live, no edits, and follow the "real" feel of actually playing the game in person. The show has three core tenets:


Our party has meaningful character profiles, personalities, family connections, motivations, flaws, and purpose. The emphasis is on the characters, not a person on a web camera in their bedroom. This is the purist form of the game. It begins on screen and crystallizes in your mind like a living novel.

Context: The campaign takes elements of the core modules and adds tremendous depth. Everything weaves together, from inciting incident, to plot twists, to a detective hot on the heels of the villain, flair. You can follow along with copies of the classic modules, but many things are greatly expanded on, especially with the core story.

The adversaries feel alive, make decisions that fit the circumstances, breathing life into those core stats, hit die, armor class, and weapon choices. Our heroes, a mixed family of nobles from Ket and a wild pack of siblings of the Tiger Nomads, also have interpersonal battles where decisions and choices ultimately fall to the tension of critical die rolls, or at monumental points, decided by fans who support the show.

Obscura, "We don't have enough information to know for sure. I propose we keep searching this foul ramshackle fort until we have enough information to confirm the child is on its way to the Glacial Rift and by who."

Antola, "I suggest we minimize risk, I suggest we do both Mercede's and Obscura's course of action."

Mercede, "I want everything here dead! After we do that, THEN we can talk about other options.”

How to get involved?
I run polls giving viewers you the opportunity to make critical party choices. Anything goes here from who should get particular magic items to which way to go next.

Can I support this show on Patreon?
You can if you wish. Here is the Patreon Page for Classic_DM.

I currently have three (3) tiers. Read about them here.
Overall, they focus on different levels of behind the scenes information and a peek at the creative process. You gain access to my particular rules sets, articles, hilarious outtake videos, and candid commentary.

FREE First
All Episodes are FREE and available on Classic_DM YouTube Page. I'm not doing this for profit. There are a lot of Patreons who make wonderful content, map aids, minis, and even tiles. These folks are mostly digital artists. I'm more of an architect meets video game industry (AAA) Creative Director. I'm about the experience, the story, and the epic challenge of battle.

Game play is what matters.

The story, the memories, the drama, and of course, the heroism! No good story went anywhere with just props. This is not to take anything away from these folks, just that I'm more of a story teller than a digital artist selling my work on the side.

What I hope, is that your support enables more content, better equipment, and higher production value over time. Key lights, a top notch digital camera, multi-camera support, audio tracks, digital battlemaps, music, campaign books, the whole nine yards. Hell, maybe my own label one day. I will eventually create my own modules, run them here, and even my own game system that is percentile based across all epochs of history.

Support certainly helps with that, but engagement with the content is the true goal now. I'm doing what I love. Let's make the show sharp, crisp, cool, slick, and reach players who dream of d20 rolls.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have fun! I respond to all comments and questions. After all - you're the player. My job is to make it real.

October 18, 2018