Season 1: Episode 1-4 Recap!

Here is a recap of the major moments in this past week's episodes.

Episode 1 - "The Abduction"

This episode sets up the backstory, including a bit of history of the Tiger Nomads, Ket, and the conflicts with Tusmit.


Tiger Nomads region, north of the Yatils.


Kingdom of Ket, south of the Yatils.


Tusmit to the west.


The marriage between Prince Aden of Ket and the Chakyik Princess of the Tiger Nomads stabilizes the region, forming a family-centric bond between the Tiger Nomads and Ket. 


Previous conflicts are highly suspect.


On the trail of the culprits. The exact location of the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief revealed!


The four Baklunish Tiger Nomad siblings of Mara join forces with the three Ket siblings of Prince Aden and head to the Fortress to recover the stolen child.

Episode 2 - "A Way In"

Our party arrives  on site  after midnight  and during a heavy sleet storm. They scout the perimeter and decide to enter through the south eastern gate.


Once inside, the legendary siblings make quick work on unsuspecting drunk Hill Giant guards.


The dead Hill Giant guards dumped out the tower, the party prepares to enter the back halls of the south east corner of the Steading.


Episode 3 - "The Back Halls"


The party quietly makes their way to a back entrance and surprise a room full of young Hill Giants brawling and wrestling.


Slaughter with no escape.


The room secured, the group prepares to continue on.


Next target, the Hill Giant Barracks, where 3 drunk soldiers of the Chief meet a bitter end.


The group drags the corpses back into their beds, covering them with furs and blankets to appear asleep. The door barred with a heavy chest ensures no one enters without them knowing. 

Episode 4 - "Not Juts Hill Giants Involved"


The party backtracks to ensure their rear is clear, only to surprise the Hill Giant Sub-Chief and his wife in their chambers.


The Sub-Chief and his wife dead, Elafonissi lifts a letter in a strange language. The party pushes on deeper and surprises a group of Hill Giant female nursemaids playing cards with their matriarch.


Quick work, but noisy. Visiting Stone Giants barge down the back hall, fully armed and rush Faoltiarna, the Baklunish Druid. She manages to summon a stampede of Wild Steppe Horses to trample the attackers long enough for the party to push into their lines, forcing them back.

More Hill Giants arrive, and a grand melee ensures. 

The crude stone floor glistens with Stone Giant and Hill Giant blood and entrails. The two families explore the Hall of the Chief and pilfer the packs of the visiting Stone Giants. 

Elafonissi finds a map inside a leather tube of a Glacial Rift, high up in the frozen peaks of the Yatil Mountains in a spot that the Baklunish Tiger Nomads know the history of and the location!


The party must decide how to act with this new information.

Mercede, "We stay and kill every last one of these bastard Hill Giants until we find the child."

Faoltiarna, "I suspect theses Giants are working as lackeys for the Drow and are in the process of moving their prize to the Glacial Rift of the A Frost Giant Jarl. We could leave now and intercept them."

Obscura, "We don't have enough information to know for sure. I propose we keep searching this foul ramshackle fort until we have enough information to confirm the child is on its way there and by who."

Antola, "I suggest we minimize risk, I suggest we do both Mercede's and Obscura's course of action."

Everyone agrees.

DM, "1-50 Mercede's Plan, 51-100, we leave as soon as we have more information."

The party rolls a 12.

Mercede gets her way.

Mercede, "I want everything here dead! After we do that, THEN we can talk about other options."