Season 1: Episode 1 - "The Abduction"

Season 1 of the Classic_DM show kicks off with G1 - The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. In this first episode we cover the location, characters, and conflict.


The marriage between Aden, the Arch Mage Prince of Ket and the Mara, the  Chakyik Princess of the Tiger Nomads, stabilized the northwest region  of Oerth, bonding both nations, tribes, and families.  

When their first-born child vanishes, Shamans and Priests divine the  name, “Zinzerena” as a whisper on the night wind.    

Four Baklunish siblings of Mara and three Noble Commanders from Ket,  siblings of Aden, join forces to find the child. 

Episode 1.jpg