Don't Turn Your Back


The Belt of Fire Giant Strength goes to Vaeringjar. Good Lord, can you imagine him rolling two natural 20s on a back stab? Say he rolls (2) 8s one for each hand on a Frost Giant. Here's the damage.

(8 + 13 x 2) = 42 damage (x4) 168 total EACH HAND. That's a maximum of 336 on a pair of natural 20s

Bare minimum with no natural 20s, but a successful backstab. Say he only rolls a 1 for damage for each hand.

(1 + 13) = 14 damage (x4) is 56 each hand for a bare minimum of 112 if both hands hit.

112-336 backstab damage means someone will be slinking around and one shotting plenty.

Jeweled Belt - Girdle of Fire Giant Strength: +7,500 pound weight allowance, +10 damage bonus, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 80%