Faoltiarna Falls!


SEASON TWO - Episode 5 - "Field of Frozen Bones" 

Our party came face-to-face with an Ancient Obsidian Remorhaz, a 14HD and 100 h.p. beast! 

Despite the enlisted help of a pack of  Winter Wolves and a brutal battle, the beast retreated down the sinkhole to the lower caverns! As the snowy walls of the sinkhole collapsed, three of the party's Winter Wolf allies and Faoltiarna fell down into the blackness.

Is she hurt or even alive?

Where did she go?

What are we going to do next?


Here's is your chance to decide. Choose carefully. 

Decide by Wednesday at NOON on Halloween!

  • Without hesitation, everyone jumps into the sinkhole after Faoltiarna.33%

  • Stay up top. calling out to Faoltiarna. Is she OK? 33%

  • Set up a rope and rapel down, but quickly!

Poll ended Oct 31, 2018

Percentile Die roll it is, then. 33% for each option!

WINNER = Set up a rope and rapel down, but quickly!