One Shot on the Keeper

Here is a highlight from Season 1: Episode 7 - "The Infinity Chain"

The joy of quad backstab with natural 20.

The Keeper is AC 3, without any flat footed bonus or anything. Vaeringjar steps up to the plate and tosses a main hand natural 20 roll. Offhand of 14 on THACO of 9.

1d8+6 base each hand

Main hand rolls an 8 + 6 = 14 doubled for 28,  THEN QUAD. = 112! 

No need to even roll the offhand damage. I even did the math wrong. Carry the 3, not the 2, but hey, who cares when you absolutely eviscerate a Hill Giant from behind, one-handed style.

Dead Keeper. So much for being the big man in the room, all ghastly, hunchbacked, and twisted! Pfft.

EXP Bonus for that one!