1st Edition AD&D - The Creative Power of the Druid


Video part 4 is up of the Classic_DM video series, 1st Edition AD&D for New Players. This time we look at the incredible creativity and area of effect nastiness of the Druid class. 

This is a laid  back look giving 5e players who maybe never played 4th, 3.5,  Pathfinder, or even 2nd edition a sense of the magic of 1st edition,  originally released 40 years ago in 1978! Trying to get your hard core  MMO World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Neverwinter Nights, Black Desert Online, or old school EverQuest players to come learn where it all  began. Point them here!

An introduction to the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for players old and new! Topic: The Druid Player's Handbook https://www.dmsguild.com/product/17003/Players-Handbook-1e?src=hottest_filtered&it=1&filters=45471_0_45381_0_0_45346_0_0 Classic _DM Links Patreon Page The HUB for everything! All content is FREE. Tons of updates, details, characters, story, and behind the scenes, and fun stuff for the player in us all.