War, Family Honor, Kings, Assassins, Justice, and Sacrifice

What happens when you mix a video game designer with War in Renaissance Italy? Read what the Judges say...


Iron Will Rust weaves a story of deception, intrigue, war, and revenge bearing elements of everything from The Count of Monte Cristo to The Princess Bride, and author T. Elliot Cannon has done his research regarding sixteenth-century Europe. The prose itself is quite strong, with salient, evocative metaphors throughout and solidly competent grammar.”

— Judge, 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards


“The story has that other-worldly feel to it that I think both history buffs and fantasy readers alike could enjoy...an excellent war story with broad appeal.”

— Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards

Click the cover to get  Iron Will Rust  on Amazon!

Click the cover to get Iron Will Rust on Amazon!


January 1515 and Louis XII is dead. The newly crowned king of France, Francis I prepares to invade Italy with his eyes set on the city of Milano, but the only way there is across the Alps, a feat not attempted since Hannibal. The Venetian ambassador, Marco Diamante, promises detailed surveys that reveal every goat trail, crumbling Roman road, and jagged mountain pass in exchange for an alliance. Francis agrees. Battle plans begin and armies assemble. Marco dispatches his ruthless agent, Alessandro Dumaine to procure the maps by any means necessary.

After the murder of a local priest and an assault on his daughter, Lazzaro Dominici, a retired fencer from Genoa turned winemaker, becomes embroiled in the political intrigue surrounding the theft of the alpine maps. Facing off against contract killer Alessandro, entangles him in the French and Venetian invasion plans. What begins as a fight to save his family and bring a killer to justice becomes a personal mission affecting a war between nations.