Pathfinder Second Edition Launch Day!

Today, August 1, 2019, was the official launch of Paizo's Pathfinder Second Edition! I've been playing RPGs since 1977 and I think it's AWESOME! Yes. I'm a big kid at heart.


I watched both the Introduction to Pathfinder 2E and Building your First Character Twitch Streams from GENCON, following along with my PDFs. Fun stuff! Jason and team did a great job of introducing the game's new ideas.

If you have not grabbed a copy, you should at least get the PDF.

Amazon delivered the books at 12:30 and I I got a chance to dig into the first few chapters and read through in detail. I'm totally excited about this next chapter in D&D's history. Can't wait to read the Pathfinder Core Rulebook cover to cover, roll up a thousand characters, and play!