DM’s Guide

Whether interested in creating your own tokens, battle glass, or want a peek behind the scenes on design work, this video series is a great stop for both Dungeon Masters, players, crafters, mini-painters, or just fans of the game! Anything goes here, including special requests! Videos below. Link to the full playlist.

How I built my Battle Glass and all the player and enemy tokens for the Classic_DM show. This video talks about all the details, walks you through the steps on how I made everything and may inspire you to put your twist on things too! Classic _DM Links Patreon Page The HUB for everything!
Let's design the Throne Room encounter for G2, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl. Grugnur, Lord of the Frost Giants has a Christmas wassail in full swing with visiting dignitaries, generals, and ambassadors.
How to breathe life into bland spaces in your campaign or in commercially available modules so your players have 10x more fun, things make sense, have a sense of place, purpose, and provoke players to improvise and react as if they are really there.
You want to play D&D but only have 1 friend around? Here's a fun way to get creative and start playing! We chat about converting existing modules, talk about balance, adjustment of HD, AC, enemies, while finding the right blend of player and class goals too.