Pathfinder 2E - Old School Review is up!

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After 2 weeks of reading, taking notes, deep dives into mechanics, playtesting, engaging with the smart community, making mistakes, learning, and creating videos each step of the way, I present my thorough review of Pathfinder Second Edition and why I think you'll love it.


  1. Captures the true magic of AD&D blended with,

  2. WARGAMING sensibilities for high mobility and decision-driven combat.

  3. It's a 40+ year EVOLUTION of of the game with

  4. Tremendous amount of PLAYER CHOICE prompting creativity, showcasing player originality.

  5. It wields a fearful level of CHALLENGE this amusement park genre has needed for a long time.

Pathfinder 2E Review from a video game designer and creative director! Pathfinder Second Edition is the evolution of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons.