How to Play Pathfinder 2E with Family, Kids, and Friends!

Check out the video on You Tube

Check out the video on You Tube

You got the CRB, the Bestiary, you figured out the rules, and now you're ready to play! Check out some of the fun ideas in this video.

Do your friends refuse to try anything new? Maybe they're deeply entrenched in their 5th edition regular group or are old school Pathfinder 1 players unwilling to drive your new 3 Action Economy wheels? What do you do when you just want to play?

You recruit someone NEW in. This video goes through steps for players and game masters on how to create a fun and compelling game session that's inviting without the rules lawyers beating down your door or the Reddit mob with pitchforks and torches looking for a witch to burn.

Family, friends, co workers, kids and adventure that's really fun.